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Loan Calculator


The independent calculator is ideal for calculating offers of competitors. You can freely choose the interest rate depending on the offer you receive.



The Auto Empire calculator is ideal to use when you want to compare our vehicle and financing offer with the competitors. The interest rate is predefined and cannot be chosen by you.


Don’t let yourself mislead by temptingly small interest rate offers on the market! Because in such cases, the vehicle price offered is often higher than the market value of the vehicle. “Vehicle price including financing costs” helps you make a good decision when comparing two vehicles that are different only in price and interest rate. However, be sure that the parameters such as down payment, loan term and, if required, final installment are the same in both calculations. The parameters that are still different are vehicle price and interest rate.

Please note that the loan calculator does not take credit insurances into account. If you have asked for credit insurance and therefore received a financing offer that includes credit insurance, please send us your offer and we will calculate a financing offer that includes credit insurance as soon as possible.



Our loan calculator allows you to calculate both “fixed monthly payment” and “final installment” loan. The most important aspect of a fixed monthly payment loan is the monthly payment, which remains unchanged over the entire loan term. The final installment loan is different from the fixed monthly payment loan in that the loan amount is not paid completely back. The final installment is deferred until the end of the loan term. Only the difference between the loan amount and the final installment is repaid continuously and equally. The last installment (final installment) is therefore considerably higher than the previous installments.

When comparing the financing example of a competitor with our financing example, be sure that in both calculations the same type of financing (fixed monthly payment or final installment loan) is selected.