The vehicle market in particular is very complicated, and unfortunately the amount of unreliable offers is increasing every day. It is not uncommon to hear customers tell us that they were surprised when they could actually find the vehicles we were offering at various online automobile markets on our premises. Regrettably, on the online automobile markets, there are also vehicles which either do not exist or which the dealer has not available.

Because of this, customers today demand transparency when it comes to choosing a dealer. Dealer ratings can help with orientation and decision-making. Dealer ratings are supoosed to provide the customer with more security when purchasing a vehicle and make decision-making easier. However, this feature only works if the reviews are honest and neutral. The amount and consistency of reviews increase their informative value and quality.



Since the foundation of our company Auto Empire in 2005, we enjoy the trust of our customers, suppliers and business partners.

Years of diligent work have resulted in the following awards and ratings. The customer reviews in particular are both a confirmation and an incentive for us to keep up our momentum.

We are grateful to all those who have expressed their positive opinion about us! We are also grateful to all those who have contributed to this result. We would also like to encourage you to rate us. You will receive an evaluation request from us a couple of days after picking up your vehicle. Evaluate your experience with us and help all car buyers following you!

Awards and Reviews

Used Car Award 2019

The Award for innovative Used Car Marketing

Every year, the German trade media brand “Gebrauchtwagen Praxis” awards together with its partners Dekra, Real Garant and Santander Consumer Bank Used Car Dealerships who have all their necessary processes in respect to used car marketing under control and revive the business with innovative ideas. The competition is aimed at authorized dealerships and independent retailers. Assessment criteria include creative sales ideas, clear processes, excellent service and convincing concepts for marketing and presentation of used cars.

In 2019, 235 well-known car dealerships throughout Germany took part in this competition. More than 95 percent of the applicants were authorized dealerships and authorized trade groups. After a first pre-selection we made it into the first six companies, which were all visited individually by the jury members. In the final selection we were the only independent dealership to reach one of the three places. This makes us one of the top three car dealerships among the 235 applicants in the used car sector.

Badge "Gebrauchtwagen-Award"

Autoscout24 AWARD

Every year, Autoscout24 gives awards to car dealerships with an average rating of minimum 4.0 stars. The dealership must also have had an Autoscout24 account for at least two years, and a minimum of ten reviews must be received each year.

We are among the handful of car dealerships in Germany that can demonstrate an above-average number of reviews with over 375 reviews. We have also been awarded by Autoscout24 for more than four years now for our outstanding performance and sales experience.


Whenever a prospective customer sends an enquiry to a dealership via Autoscout24 and provides his/her e-mail address, Autoscout24 will send him/her an individual evaluation link after 10 days. The customer will be asked to review the dealership and its service within 30 days. After a successful sale, the dealership also has the option of sending the buyer a review request.

On a scale from 1 to 5, the prospective customer and buyers can rate the dealership in terms of overall impression, accessibility, reliability, offer description and buying experience. In addition, the customer can indicate whether he or she recommends the dealership. There is a text field available for comments.

Reviews on Autoscout24 should help the users to find reliable sellers. To prevent abuse, it is not possible to submit multiple reviews, and the IP address of the car dealership cannot be used to submit a review. Reviews

Whenever a prospective customer sends an inquiry to a dealer via and provides his/her e-mail address, will ask the customer to review the dealer in a few days. After a successful sale, the dealer also has the option of sending the buyer a review request.

On a scale of 1 to 5, prospective customers and buyers can rate qualities such as consultation, friendliness and the response speed of the dealership. In addition, they can indicate whether they recommend the dealership. There is a free text field available for comments.

According to, reviews should provide a reliable assessment of the up-to-date service quality of any given dealership. To prevent abuse, it is not possible to submit multiple reviews, and the IP address of the dealer cannot be used to submit a review.

Google Reviews

Google reviews can be submitted by basically anyone. It means there is no need to be a prospective customer or a buyer. Generally, however, the reviews are made by people who are either already customers of the dealership or have at least once visited the company or had contact with the dealership.

If your Google location service is turned on, and you’re visiting a dealership, Google will automatically ask you to review the dealership. You can also use Google to find a dealership and submit a review any time. If the dealership is interested in your review, then the dealership can also ask for a review any time.

Google wants to provide its large number of users with helpful information about locations and companies by making it possible to submit reviews.