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Have you purchased a vehicle from us and need transit plates for the transportation? We will gladly help you. We offer you both temporary plates and export plates for the transportation. If you intend to use the transit plates only in Germany, then we recommend temporary plates. If the transportation is to be made abroad, then you definitely need export plates.

The transit plates usually are issued on our name and a liability insurance, that covers the validity period of the transit plates, is required. In return for a small compensation, we will provide you with the desired transit plates as well as the necessary liability insurance from one source. You don’t have to concern yourself with anything!

Note that there are only a few countries which recognize the German temporary plates under special agreements with the Federal Republic of Germany. According to the ADAC, there are special agreements with the following countries:

  • since 1979 with Austria,
  • since 1994 with Italy and
  • recently with Denmark.


There may be restrictions on the content of such agreements, and these agreements may also be terminated unilaterally or bilaterally at any time. Because of this, it is recommended to use temporary plates only in Germany. When travelling outside Germany, you should go for export plates.



Transit Plate Type Duration Net Price 19% VAT Gross price
Temporary plates 5 150,00 EUR 28,50 EUR 178,50 EUR
Export plates 15 300,00 EUR 57,00 EUR 357,00 EUR
Export plates 30 300,00 EUR 57,00 EUR 357,00 EUR


Please note: If the vehicle is sold tax-exempt, and you can provide the necessary proof, you pay only the net prices for our services listed above.